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Our intelligent approach combines your unique blueprint, lifestyle, preferences, innovation and expertise, allowing us to curate bespoke fitness training programmes tailored to you.

Your Blueprint

Where appropriate we use a variety of tests such as genetic, bloods and hormone testing to deliver a deeper layer of analysis. This helps us refine your intelligent fitness programme and create a personalised nutrition and training plan. We use state of art techniques to look at body composition, posture, and Vo2.

Your Lifestyle

We specialise in working with busy people and corporate athletes, those who want to optimise their time in the gym. Our fitness programmes build resilience and allow you to thrive under the pressures of business and in life.

Your Preferences

We understand you are an individual and as such, lifestyle changes require an ongoing dialogue and alliance. We are there for you and will work to fine-tune your dietary and fitness choices to maintain consistency, the #1 variable for success.

Our Expertise

We have more than 20 years experience in fitness and nutrition, and we draw upon this expertise when curating our 1-to-1 coaching programmes. We love our work and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.


Our founder created the Innovation Lab 5.1 where we test cutting edge products, be it the latest wearable tech, smart training shoe or bio hacking technique. If any of these have a strong evidence base and we like them, we integrate them.

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<b>Re</b>VITALISE  Icon


Designed to increase energy and vitality at the cellular level, this programme includes a focus on functional movement, posture and breathing techniques.

<b>Re</b>GENESIS  Icon


If you are recovering from sports injury or chronic pain, this programme promotes healing by adopting a functional medicine approach that combines cutting edge nutrition and rehabilitation.

By rehabilitating injured limbs, increasing range of motion and following a detailed nutrition plan, we can reduce inflammation and support the immune system, helping you to return optimal function. Methods used on this fitness programme include rehabilitation, massage and taping. Our in-house Head Therapist oversees this fitness programme.

<b>Re</b>PLAY Icon


Are you looking to amplify your game, improve your handicap or even enter your first marathon? On this programme, our sports conditioning experts help you to optimise athletic performance.

Our team of sports conditioning experts work with you to overcome whatever fitness challenge you might face. We have years of expertise across a wide range of disciplines and can help you to improve agility, develop speed, build power, increase stamina and most importantly, enhance your ability to bounce back quicker. Get ready to win, get ready to RePLAY!

What they say

"Club 51 take time to get to know you and your goals but also take into account the reality of your work and life schedule. After a year of joining, I would highly recommend it."

Client Lead, Ogilvy

"Through injury, difficulties and a very busy schedule, I have reached a point in my fitness where I am ecstatic with how I look and feel."

Senior HR, EMEA

"I had never used a personal trainer before because I did not think I needed one. Just one hour a week makes a world of difference. We work on balance, core strength, flexibility and much more."


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