Japanese haiku on stone
Mar 06th, 2018

What does Japanese poetry teach us about fitness?

Haiku poets must strip out all the unnecessary elements of their poem, creating maximum impact with limited resources. Busy city life dictates we should do the same with our own fitness.

Feb 19th, 2018

Interested in the PureLight Programme as featured in the Sunday Times?

You may have spotted an article in the Sunday Times last weekend that featured Jon talking about the launch of a new PureLight programme at his Club 51 studios in London.

People running in machine treadmill at fitness gym club
Jan 15th, 2018

What if going to the gym was your civic duty?

What if going to the gym was more than a personal choice? What if it was part of everyday life, that society expected you to maintain a reasonable level of fitness and it was part of your normal obligations?

Jan 12th, 2018

Don’t become a victim of the sedentary office lifestyle

The sedentary office lifestyle has been linked to increasing levels of obesity as more employees sit stationary for hours each day. There are some simple exercises you can do without having to leave your desk.

Jan 10th, 2018

Is virtual reality the future of fitness?

What if you could run across the Great Wall of China, cycle through the trees of the Amazon rainforest or unwind with some yoga on a paradise island? This is where VR comes in.