May 13th, 2020

Fitness & Mental Wellbeing: Jon talks to We Are The City

Club 51 was recently featured on leading female professional website We Are The City. Founder Jon Denoris discussed why exercise is about so much more than simply keeping fit for your physical shape.

Young woman in medical face protection mask indoors on blue background
Apr 07th, 2020

Protecting Against Covid-19: Club 51 featured in Forbes

Club 51 was featured in a Forbes article outlining the ways people are protecting themselves against COVID-19. We have issued advice to all of our clients on how to protect themselves against viruses.

X-ray image of human head with brain and electric pulses
Feb 06th, 2020

Boost your brain power: Club 51 featured in FT Times

You may have spotted a Financial Times article published last weekend that featured Jon talking about brain function and how Club 51's approach to fitness is a holistic solution that enhances cognitive prowess.

Feb 19th, 2018

Interested in the PureLight Programme as featured in the Sunday Times?

You may have spotted an article in the Sunday Times last weekend that featured Jon talking about the launch of a new PureLight programme at his Club 51 studios in London.