X-ray image of human head with brain and electric pulses Feb 06th, 2020

Boost your brain power: Club 51 featured in FT Times

You may have spotted a Financial Times article published last weekend that featured Jon talking about brain function and how Club 51’s approach to fitness is a holistic solution that enhances cognitive prowess.

As discussed in the article, Jon thinks of his club less in terms of a gym where members come to simply workout and more in terms of a biohacking lab: “We treat our clients like athletes: we want to optimise their performance in the gym, in business and in life. If someone comes to me wanting to enhance their executive function, we design a lifestyle plan embracing sleep hygiene, nutritional strategies and specific exercise techniques to improve brain as well as body function.”

In a recent Club 51 article, we explained how exercise benefits brain health and cognitive function. Greater brain plasticity, improved mental health and enhanced ability to focus and switch between tasks are just three of the benefits outlined. Rebecca Newman, writing for the Financial Times, explores these benefits alongside a burgeoning field of research known as “neurohacking” that aims to boost reaction speed, memory and focus in healthy brains.

Read the full article here: https://howtospendit.ft.com/health-fitness/207897-how-boost-your-brain-power

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