Young Lonely Woman Looking Out Through The Window of Her House During The Coronavirus Pandemic Quarantine Lockdown. Stay at Home May 19th, 2020

Life in lockdown: Do you feel locked up like Rapunzel?

While restrictions on society are gradually being lifted, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of living in lockdown amid COVID-19. This lifestyle transition has not been easy, and many people may have felt locked up like Rapunzel.

Well let down your hair and relax! We asked Jon and our Club 51 trainers to share their wisdom on how to cope with life during lockdown. Here are 7 tips on fighting food cravings, exercising at home and general day-to-day routines:

1. Never do food shopping while hungry

You are more likely to make healthy food choices when you are not feeling hungry. Naturally, this means your cupboards will be filled with more nutritious ingredients if food shopping is completed on a satisfied stomach.

2. Increase your protein intake during main meals

Incorporating more sources of protein, including meat, fish and eggs, into your main meals will help to reduce cravings and help you to resist snacking throughout the day.

3. Leverage the power of endorphins to combat cravings

We all know that exercise has numerous benefits on our physical and mental health. The natural release of endorphins during exercise has long been associated with being a mood booster, but an endorphin rush also helps to distract us from our cravings.

4. Explore the floor in the absence of gym equipment

Although gym equipment is not available to everyone staying at home, body weight and movement can be great alternatives that require little space. Try putting together fluid sequences that feel fun and challenging.

5. Set a daily exercise routine to maintain consistency

Try to stick to a routine and exercise at a similar time each day. Even better, if the sun is shining, take your workout outdoors.

6. Switch off devices and head outside

Use your government-approved exercise time to get outside, switch off mobile devices and reconnect with the outdoors. As we’ve discussed, connecting with nature is a potent immune booster.

7. Set yourself a challenge

While many of take an enforced break from our busy lives, you may find yourself with some extra time. Use this as an opportunity to learn something new, whether that’s experimenting in the kitchen, learning a new instrument or language, or finally perfecting that headstand you’ve been working on in yoga.

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