Japanese haiku on stone Mar 06th, 2018

What does Japanese poetry teach us about fitness?

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry which can only be 17 syllables long, usually arranged over only 3 lines. The art to Haiku lies in the limitations that the poet must face. Haiku poets must strip out all the unnecessary elements of their poem, creating maximum impact with limited resources. They can include only what is absolutely essential and they must choose their words carefully.

What can we learn about fitness from Haiku poets?

Busy city life dictates you are time-poor and having to cope with intense levels of pressure. With these constraints, it can be difficult to dedicate time to exercising and working on your fitness.

Why not strip out elements of your training routine that are not absolutely essential? Can you increase your intensity and therefore reduce the duration that you are spending in the gym? Are you choosing the best combination of exercises to deliver more bang for your buck? Could you incorporate mind-body activities to achieve wellbeing goals as well as fitness ones?

I am lucky enough to travel globally in my work as a consultant and advisor to some of the biggest names in health and fitness. I see too many gym users and gyms in need of a Haiku overview. My advice is to throw out what doesn’t work, what takes too long, and what doesn’t deliver maximum results.

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